Team Match Edu


We have build Team-Match on a strong academic research base in psychology, management and innovation management - and we'll continue to do so!
Initially developed as a simple teaching aid, Team-Match is quickly growing into a full blown, innovative solution for teamwork everywhere.
We want to make the world a more collaborative place, and showing people how to work together more effectively is a good place to start!

Our philosophy

Personality Matters and Difference is the Strength of a Team
People are different in many ways. Smart team players realize that there is no strength in demanding everybody to be the same, but that personality difference is an asset for quality. The best work is produced where we appreciate each other's difference and turn it to our advantage. Good teamwork is not about insisting that our way of thinking is right, but about harvesting multiple perspectives.

Share Information
People tend to work better with people they have known for a long time. Understanding each other increases productivity. But when a person joins a new team, or a new team is created, this common foundation is yet to be established. Team-Match makes it easy for new teams to share information, and to learn more about each other with comprehensive Team Reports, for a smooth start.

Work with People You Like - Work with People Like You!
Team productivity also increases if people like the people they work with. Having something in common, such as the same type of humour, a like of the same TV shows, doing the same type of sports makes it easier for us to connect with each other. Team-Match's matching algorithms take all these things into account. Our recommendations aim for a balance of like-mindedness and complementarity, so Team-Match teams can harvest multiple perspectives but always have a common ground to start from.

Good Teamwork Can Be Learned!
Technical skills are important, but of limited use without accompanying teamworking skills. Good teamwork requires skills in time management, planning and goal setting, decision-making, communication skills, as well as the ability to analyse and evaluate team performance. Good teams are also effective at managing conflict and ensure that each team member is responsible and accountable. Good teamwork does not happen by itself, no matter how long you wait for it. It needs support, and more importantly it needs people who are skilled at working together.
Good teamwork can be learned!