Team Match Edu

Better Teamwork in Education:

Form Better Teams with Matchmaking Technology.
Improve Teamwork with Team Reports.

Good Teamwork Does Not Happen by Itself.

Team-Match EDU is a web application that improves teamwork in the classroom. Create better teams with our revolutionary matchmaking technology. Increase understanding of what constitutes effective teamwork with personalised reports & guidance for each student.


Form Better Teams with Revolutionary Matchmaking Technology

Team-Match uses insights from occupational psychology and innovative matchmaking technology to help you form better teams in the classroom. Don't leave team performance to chance! Learn more


Enhance Teamwork & Employability Skills

Personality reports help students understand what constitutes effective teamwork, how to be a constructive team member, and how to personally contribute to the success of the team. Learn more


Team Reports help teams to work together

Team Reports allow students to quickly analyse their team's strengths and weaknesses. This way, they speed up working together and provide practical advice on how to work better together.

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