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The smart solution for
team-based learning

Interpersonal skills development,
Team Reports, Team formation,
Personal Profiling, Peer Assessment

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Team-based learning is at the heart of modern education

Employers rate teamwork skills very highly, and expect graduates to have strong interpersonal skills when they enter the workforce. Team-based learning in educational contexts often suffers from a range of problems such as underperformance, anxiety from high-performing students, unbalanced teams, and little transferrable learning how to be a constructive teammember. Team-Match provides scientifically validated, flexible and easy-to-use tools that support team-based learning and help students acquire teamwork skills.

Personality Profile

Enable students to understand & improve their teamwork skills

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team builder
Team Builder

Sort any student group into fair, balanced teams with innovative matchmaking technologyLearn Moreteams

team report
Team Profile

Improve collaborative learning and teamwork with Team Reports

Team Mark
Team Mark


The most flexible and easy to use peer assessment solution on the web


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